The Slovak Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sport could not miss the World Championship

Matches of the best teams of the Women’s Youth World Championship were attended by the Slovak Minister Peter Plavčan, who supervises sport in the country.
„I am very happy that this World Championship has been organized in Bratislava. We can see the handball elite from the whole world. Some matches had an extremely high quality,“ said P. Plavčan. The minister is close to sport, he was actively engaged in gymnastics, karate, futsal and swimming when he was young. „I played in the top futsal league for Inter Bratislava, and I did karate at the advanced level. My sports career, although not presentable, was quite rich. “
The minister Plavčan does sports regularly – with his colleagues from work, and twice a week he goes jogging by himself. He says that he understands athletes. „I know how much effort and hard work there is behind the athletic performance. Glad to say that it is necessary to cultivate a healthy lifestyle even for children. They should not only worry about their studies but also make sure that they are healthy and have a proper attitude to sport. This is very empowering. “
Plavčan’s main objectives at his job are clear: to support the top, but also grassroots sports – for example, to strengthen school Olympics, where kids compete and gain the right attitude to sport. And also to encourage those at the top who spread the reputation of Slovakia abroad. „One of my first steps was supporting the construction of the National Football Stadium. We are one of the last countries in Europe – if not the last – which does not have it. I hope it works out as planned and the stadium will be ready by the end of 2017. “

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