Semifinal: Russia became the second finalist

30.07.2016, AEGON ARÉNA NTC – The Russian team confirmed their excellent performance at the tournament in the semifinal, having beaten the dangerous Republic of Korea 27:23 (13:9).

A great match of two great teams! The battle was extremely physically demanding – Russians exploited their superiority in height, Koreans again demonstrated tremendous speed.

Russia started the game better, quickly took the lead 3: 0, but soon the fight became tighter. The Russians kept a narrow lead supported by an excellent performance of their goalkeeper (and her back-up who saved two seven-meter shots). At the end of the first half they increased their advantage from 10:9 to 13:9, and it was a decisive moment. In the second half Russians produced excellent attacks, and their players showed some actions like at the senior level. And Koreans played at high tempo and started to lose their physical strength.

Seong Ok Oh, Republic of Korea coach: „We prepared our offensive game very thoroughly, but it did not help us in the match. We needed fast breaks, but the opponent did not let us do it. Besides, we made too many mistakes in shooting. “

Joeun Park, the best player of the Republic of Korea: „I am sad and disappointed. I wanted to dominate in the goal, but the Russians made too many shots because we did not played well in defense. “

Daniil Shmaevskiy, assistant coach of Russia: „It was a good match. We played very actively in defense, but we had small problems in attack. In the second half we lost some tempo. But still we are very happy – we are in the final. “

Margarita Orlova, player of Russia: „We played against a tough opponent, it was pretty hard to prepare for the game. However, we have demonstrated good team performance. „

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