Placement match 7-8.: Sweden won their last match

31.07.2016, AEGON ARÉNA NTC – In the last game, the Swedes were better prepared than their opponents and beat Croatia 23:17 (10:10).
Swedish team started the game much more concentrated and rather quickly took the lead 6:1. After some time, Croats woke up, improved their performance, started reducing the gap and drew level before half time. In the second half, the Swedes showed more desire, won the last match of the tournament and deservedly took the 7th place.
Ante Burger, assistant coach of Croatia: „Again we started the game badly. We were quickly behind by five goals, but still managed to come back into the match. The Swedes played well in defense, and we missed too many chances in attack. “
Katarina Mrazovic, the best player of Croatia: „We are satisfied with our performance at the championship. It could have been even better, but we started to feel the fatigue. Some unexpected injuries prevented us from taking a better place. We were not successful in the last game, we were just chasing the opponent again… “
Erik Larholm, Sweden coach: „Our goalkeeper and defense were very good for 60 minutes. It was the defense that gave us a chance to win, because especially in the first half we made a lot of mistakes in attack. In the second half, we made less errors. The Croatian defense played well, but in the end we found the way to score. “
Rebecca Nilsson, the best player of Sweden: „We started the game well as we chose the appropriate 1-5 defense system. Basically we did everything we had been told before the game, we kept to the plan. We played as a team.

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